Most teachers are teaching because they have a passion for education and knowledge transfer. Education jobs require a degree of professional dedication and attention to people who are not treated in the same way in all careers. In exchange for this commitment, many teachers are great satisfaction from their work and education to help others. […]

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Few people regret taking an English degree, since English teacher jobs are widely available and an English qualification can open many different doors. Adventurous young graduates travel the world teaching English as a second language in countries such as China and Japan. That opportunity to travel is part of the charm of these English teacher […]

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Providing for practical activites

The sorts of practical activity that you will want to tackle in your class obviously depends on the age of the children, the number in the class and how settled they tend to be. However, there are still some basic, underlying ideas that might help you organize and manage practical work. For ease they have […]

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Organizing an integrated day

Usually running an integrated day means tacking three of four activities covering different areas of the curriculum at the same time. If you’re going to use this integrated approach it’s usually best to do it in a regular basis so that children get into the routines involved. The following tips offer some routines that might […]

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