Using the Internet for learning

Pupils may be able to use the Internet at times of their own choice, in their own ways, at their own pace, and from anywhere in school or beyond, where access to it is available to them. That said, this does not mean that it is automatically a vehicle for productive and effective learning. Indeed, […]

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Using video for learning

Video recordings are widely used in many forms of teaching and learning, and already play a valuable role in helping to show pupils things that they would not be in a position to explore on their own. However, the act of watching material on a television screen is not one of the most powerful ways […]

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The Internet is the electronic highway to the largest collection of information, data and communication ever constructed by the human species. There is information available through the World Wide Web on every imaginable subject. Playing with the Internet is easy, but learning from it is not always straightforward. The following suggestions may help you to […]

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Dealing with difficult parents

Difficult parents usually are ones who come to complain! The best advice to offer is not to deal directly with difficult parents – but get someone who is paid to do that sort of a job to handle it. This does not always work out so easily in practice. The following suggestions are evasion tactics […]

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Secondary schools can often seem alien, impersonal environments where only serious business goes on. Take some tips from primary teachers and put some effort into making your room your own space – after all you will be spending a good chunk of your life there! Choose strong, bright and warm colours if you are given […]

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