Most teachers are teaching because they have a passion for education and knowledge transfer. Education jobs require a degree of professional dedication and attention to people who are not treated in the same way in all careers. In exchange for this commitment, many teachers are great satisfaction from their work and education to help others. […]

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Few people regret taking an English degree, since English teacher jobs are widely available and an English qualification can open many different doors. Adventurous young graduates travel the world teaching English as a second language in countries such as China and Japan. That opportunity to travel is part of the charm of these English teacher […]

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If you’re an educator looking for teaching work with a difference, then online teaching jobs may be something you’re considering. If you have no prior experience in the  relatively new but incredibly fast growing area of online teaching jobs, it will be helpful if you have a good idea of the pros and cons before […]

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Consolidatory tasks should be well thought-out and structured if they’re going to be beneficial to the children and allow you the time to concentrate on your focus task. The following are some tried and tested ideas for-effective consolidatory activities: Remember the importance of worksheets. Just because it’s on an A4 piece of paper doesn’t mean […]

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Providing for practical activites

The sorts of practical activity that you will want to tackle in your class obviously depends on the age of the children, the number in the class and how settled they tend to be. However, there are still some basic, underlying ideas that might help you organize and manage practical work. For ease they have […]

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Organizing an integrated day

Usually running an integrated day means tacking three of four activities covering different areas of the curriculum at the same time. If you’re going to use this integrated approach it’s usually best to do it in a regular basis so that children get into the routines involved. The following tips offer some routines that might […]

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Preparing yourself for a lesson

To be sure of using the time you have with the children in school as efficiently as possible, you have to be properly prepared. There are some practical ideas for helping you do this quickly and effectively. Always start positively. In all aspects of your work, try to approach everything as cheerfully as possible. It […]

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When working with young children, the way that you set up and run a teaching space is crucial. Young children need to be clear about what’s expected of them and how they’re supposed to go about their work. A disorganized classroom or constantly changing routines make for chaotic lessons. There are some ideas on how […]

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Using the Internet for learning

Pupils may be able to use the Internet at times of their own choice, in their own ways, at their own pace, and from anywhere in school or beyond, where access to it is available to them. That said, this does not mean that it is automatically a vehicle for productive and effective learning. Indeed, […]

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Using video for learning

Video recordings are widely used in many forms of teaching and learning, and already play a valuable role in helping to show pupils things that they would not be in a position to explore on their own. However, the act of watching material on a television screen is not one of the most powerful ways […]

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